Your Super Power Success System: Human Certainty Principle



Dear Friends,

This component of your Super Power System is what I call the Human Certainty Principle (HCP).

This is a deep knowing beyond intuition, belief, and faith that emerges in stages as you practice meditation.

Notably, the HCP is related to the well-known Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP), which describes the uncertainty inherent in measuring two parameters of a particle at the same time, for example, position and velocity. This is related to what is called the observer effect: that the very act of observing a controlled experimental environment can change that environment.

In a similar way, we constantly influence the quality and content of our lives through the power and quality of our attention. Through meditation, you can transform the power and quality of your attention to create the life you desire—specifically by experiencing your higher consciousness and extending that spirit into all aspects of life.

When you enter the transcendent state of your higher consciousness in meditation, you move from the physical world of the uncertain into a spiritual state of certitude or certainty, a state that is knowing, peaceful, and humble.

In this state, any uncertainty that is manifest in the workings of the physical world or your life experience is sensed as being part of the greater flow and purpose of your life.

This sense of certitude engenders confidence, courage, gratitude, calmness, wisdom, and joy, and it represents a mind shift from fear, stress, and anxiety to an absence of fear and doubt, and the experience of peace, lightness of being, steadfastness, and strength.

In summary, the components of your Super Power System are intimately linked to the Five Factors of music, meditation, health, and your ability to manifest the focus of your attention. My book teaches you these five factors and how to use meditation and music to create the success you want in any area of life. Students and clients have used my system for healing, personal transformation, business breakthroughs, generating wealth and prosperity and more.

To wrap up the theme of your Super Power Success System from recent newsletters, here is a brief meditation for you to use to support your internal powers and energies that will lead you to your success in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Read aloud the following lines, breathing naturally and deeply.

As you read and relax into the meaning of the words, allow your whole being to internalize their truth:

I can choose my thoughts.

My thoughts lead to my actions.

My actions create my reality.

I choose to center my thoughts and my attention on my soul and all the spiritual attributes that are within me—love, unity, peace, forgiveness, compassion, detachment, strength, courage, certitude, flexibility, openness, wisdom, health, wellness, wealth, joy, success and happiness.

I am thankful that I have the power to act on my thoughts and to create the life that I imagine.

I am thankful for my Super Power Success System, which naturally takes me closer to what I think about and where I direct my attention.

I now command my subconscious mind and my Super Power Success System to achieve all that is best for me and in harmony with the greater good.

With love,


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