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From last week’s newsletter, you might be wondering: “How is it that, from this state of cognitive flexibility, I can naturally move toward a spiritual state where I can experience all that is good—total health, joy, and bliss?”

In other words, you might be asking yourself: “If I can get into this flexible state of consciousness, why should I naturally move only into a state of higher consciousness—a soul-state of awareness? Why couldn’t I drift into a lower state?” The answer to this and related questions is found in one of the physical laws of nature and its counterpart in the spiritual dimension of life.

This law is known as entrainment, which is the synchronization and unification of two separate vibrations (oscillations, frequencies, or rhythmic processes). Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens first documented the phenomenon of entrainment in the mid-1600s. He placed two pendulum clocks in close physical proximity and discovered that, although at first the clocks were out of sync, they soon began to synchronize and unify their movement—they entrained.

Some theorists say that entrainment is nature’s way of conserving energy. My strong sense, however, is that entrainment is nature’s desire for unity, which then creates an increase in power or energy. In the process of entrainment, the weaker rhythm gives way to the stronger rhythm. For Huygens, the clock with the stronger pulse entrained the weaker one. It can also be seen that rhythms of similar strength will move to a middle ground as they entrain to each other. The key point is that entrainment, like gravity, is one of the physical laws of the natural world, which simply operates when the right conditions are present. In physical entrainment, the essential condition is close physical proximity. So, if two clocks are placed far apart, they will not entrain, but when they are close enough, they will entrain—they will become unified and be as one. The same dynamic is true of in the biological realm. For example, if a newborn has a weak or irregular heartbeat, when that baby is placed close to a newborn with a strong and regular heartbeat, the weak heart will slowly entrain to the strong one and become healthy.

Building upon this dynamic in the context of meditation, rather than a close physical proximity, a close proximity of your consciousness to your soul is needed—I call this spiritual entrainment. Now, since the soul is non-material, transcendent to the physical world, and, by definition, timeless and placeless, you might ask: How can I get close to it?

This is where the power of music, the mind, and meditation is key. Music, the power of your mind’s attention, and meditation are conduits to the mystical dimensions of the soul. Through them, you gain skill and experience in developing a spiritual closeness and subsequent connection to your soul. And, when this closeness and connection is made, it transforms everything—the body, mind, emotions, relationships, finances, business, work—everything.

When your mind gets “close” to your soul, then the process of spiritual entrainment will naturally and automatically occur. As your meditation deepens and you move through the process and state of cognitive flexibility, you can gently let go of any psychological or emotional attachments you have and surrender your present state of consciousness to your higher consciousness—your personal will surrenders to the will of the greater good, and your lower self entrains and becomes one with your higher self.

If we relate this dynamic to the clock example, we can say that the soul has a stronger power of attraction, a stronger energy than the mind; however, if the mind stays far away, it will not entrain with the soul. If, however, you bring your mind close to your soul, it will give in to its spiritual reality and the source of its being—it will spiritually entrain with your soul. Then, your mind becomes transformed instantaneously, miraculously, and without forceful effort.

Since this kind of experience evokes a deep sense of beauty and bliss, and can change your life in positive ways that seem almost unbelievable, I should emphasize the importance of being fully in the moment and keeping in mind that meditation is a daily and ongoing process, not a one-time event. This point is key to creating sustained and complete transformation.

Consider that what often happens after a powerful experience of meditation is that many people, understandably, get swept up in the event of meditation, thinking that they have achieved enlightenment, and then they become disappointed when that wonderful feeling gradually drifts away. They then think that such an experience was a fluke, not real, or that they have failed in their attempts to become truly enlightened. Unfortunately, such discouragement is often enough to send a person back to their old ways and rut of life—forgetting about meditation and the importance of staying in conscious contact with the soul.

What you must remember is that meditation is not a one-time event, no matter how profound one meditation session might be. Rather, such an event must be seen as one step in a larger process, and as a window into the limitless state of enlightenment, a state that is independent of, and transcendent to, the material world, but which is also related to bringing about an enlightened and unified world. Moreover, even if one can surrender the ego and become enlightened, there are always higher stages that one can reach within the never-ending dimensions of enlightenment. In the next chapter, you will be introduced to the last two components of your Super Power System, which you will see to be of great assistance in creating enlightenment, happiness, health, and wealth in your life.

Keep in mind, just as spiritual entrainment occurs when you bring the focus of your attention into close proximity with your soul, the opposite can also occur—if your attention gradually drifts away from your soul and closer to an ego-centered life, the lower self gains control and the power of your soul fades into the background. So, a key goal is to extend the precious and powerful experience of meditation into the rest of your daily life and to sustain it. You will achieve this through a daily practice of meditation every morning and evening, linking the events or practice of meditation into the journey of life. Your life then becomes a never-ending form of meditation and not only transforms your life, but also contributes to the spiritualization of the planet.

Much love to all,


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