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beach-1030399_1280Hello Friends,

A few weeks ago, in my newsletter about the Joy of Meditative Actionmany of you responded saying that you loved the story and the importance of Taking Action in the spirit of your meditation.

Some of you also responded with questions about the nature of Meditative Action and a desire to know more about how meditation can help you achieve your goals. The blueprint for that is in my 5 Steps meditation book here.  To answer those questions and give you an awareness about the powerful nature of your mind and being, I started to share with you the components of what I call: Your Super Power Success System.

If you have ever been stuck in any part of life, maybe with a money block, obstacles to living your dream, creating  a business breakthrough, healing your body, changing your thoughts, creating peace and joy, becoming aware of this innate Super Power Success System is the beginning to incredible power, transformation, and success.

So far, we’ve become aware of these components of your Super Power Success System:


Cognitive Flexibility


A key in the joy of meditative action and lasting success is to meditate every morning and evening, even if briefly.

Transformation and success in business and life is a process of focusing your mind and attention on that which you desire to be and incorporate into your business and life, internalizing and manifesting it. This process forms the next power in your Super Power Success System that I call Embeingment, which means to fully internalize something in your whole being, not only your body.

Attention – Internalization – Manifestation

The Power of Embeingment

When you meditate and arise to extend the experience of your higher consciousness into the rest of life, including your work and business and share that light with the world, you not only incorporate and internalize that energy into your body (embodiment), but also into your entire being—including your mind, emotions, spirit, and relationships.

I like to call this holistic embodiment, or embeingment, since it more accurately describes the dimensions of a human being that is transformed through meditation—that is, through meditation, you can incorporate whatever you desire into your entire being, not just your body.

Embeingment then, is a process of attending – internalizingmanifesting.

That is, as you turn your attention to and become aware of your soul, you will progressively internalize the spiritual effects experienced through this conscious contact. Then, you will naturally manifest into the fullness of life what has been internalized.

This new state of being brings forth a fresh and spiritualized quality of attention, which gives momentum to the cycle repeating itself, each time with progressively higher quality and purer frequencies of vibration experienced in your being and manifested in your life.

It can be seen as an upward spiral, progressively becoming broader, encompassing more virtues and serving to more effectively add value to people’s lives (see the figure below).

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.48.09 AM

With each expanding and spiraling cycle of attention – internalization – manifestation, you will incorporate more of your soul into yourself, manifesting your higher consciousness, happiness, health, and wealth in all aspects of your being, business and life.

With each cycle, you move from strength to strength, growing stronger, happier, wiser, more thankful, humbler, more powerful, clear, effective, and spiritual.

Much love to all,


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