Go for a Visit…to your Soul

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Dear Friends,

When you connect with your soul, you become aware of new realities and the right path unfolds before you.

In meditation, you de-stress and create peace and power. You can heal illness, create health, and achieve your life goals.

Consciously getting in contact with your soul is like visiting a wise and loving friend whose door is always open and who always has the perfect answer to any question.

It is as though your wise soul self lives in a tree house where the breeze blows gently and the buds blossom with beautiful, fragrant flowers and bear luscious fruits.

tree-giant-185986_1920Your daily self lives in a house on the ground and can’t reach life in the tree house—you need a ladder to ascend upward.

Music and meditation are your ladders. You can use them to climb up to make contact with your own soul.

As you visit with your soul every morning and evening inside meditation, you begin to take on the qualities of your soul more and more outside of meditation and your life inside and outside of meditation become one.

Once you have an experience with your soul, that place of quantum events, total health, peace, certitude, joy, and power, you are changed forever—you are refreshed, renewed, and recreated.

To your Happiness, Health, and Wealth!

With love,


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