Treasure Mapping Your Meditation!

Meditation Map

Treasure Map of Meditation to Your Soul!

Hello Dear Friends! How has your week been? Incredible I hope!

Mine has been quite the adventure as we prepare to make a move from China to Thailand!

This week (actually the past few¬†weeks) has been full of multiple projects, music, meditation, and…packing, visa issues, work permits etc. etc. ūüôā

And yes…the adventure continues…we’ll see Monday morning if our visas are ready and approved just before our flight on Monday afternoon! ¬†Or if we postpone for a few days…

These are critical moments to embrace–wonderful opportunities to engage the practice of meditation even more!

Yes–in times of tests, challenges, or difficulties, it is a precious time of opportunity to stay the course of meditation and keep your vision, your peace, your sense of connection to your soul alive and active! ¬†This will help you to navigate your way, find the open doors, and soar to the next level if you embrace it!

Then, what previously seemed like a test is actually a blessing. What before was challenging or even upsetting changes into a something humorous,¬†leads to a chance meeting with another soul, or…

gives you a chance to consider new or embrace something you would have otherwise not seen or known about, perhaps for years. Everyday life offers opportunities, options, and different paths to take.

Its like there is a opportunity to find treasures everyday, and your daily practice of Meditation is your map to find the way!

So, how do you know which way to go, which path to take, or which path to create?  This is one reason why I created my 5 Step Meditation System, to give you a clear and unfailing process to chart your course, find your way through any challenge, and achieve anything you set your mind to.  This links into our question of the week.

Question of the Week

What if my meditation slows down? Or what if I just feel lost and don’t know exactly what to do or which way¬†to go?

Answer:  Keep your meditation practice going and the path will come! Stay the course and take daily action immediately after your meditation and you will soon see the path open before your eyes.  It might come in a clear and direct way, and it might come in a magical and miraculous kind of way.  But be sure, it will come, the door will open and a way will be found.

The way I position meditation in my 5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!¬†is as a process where you use your mind, sound, and music to get in touch with your soul, your heart of hearts, your inner most being, your whole consciousness, or your inner spirit. However you understand the transcendent part of yourself is fine–the point is that my meditation system creates oneness and wholeness in you, and between you and the universal consciousness–then, anything is possible.

Your practice of meditation then, becomes like a treasure map of sorts–a way for you to¬†practice following the map from where your mind is now, to your center, your soul-self, where you have a deep sense of knowing and certitude.

Think of the process of meditation as a¬†practice¬†and as learning new directions to a place you’ve not visited much, or that might be difficult to find at first.

Have you ever gotten lost trying to follow directions to a new place? But later, once you’ve traveled it many times, it becomes second nature. Meditation is the same. ¬†The first time you start following the map to connect with your soul-self, you might get lost a few times.

There might be blocks in the road of your mind and it can seem difficult to find a way around.  Stick with it, and you will overcome any obstacles. Often what happens is that the obstacles are seen in a whole new light in meditation and you simply float over them or they disappear.

Even just a few moments of meditation should be celebrated! ¬†Next time, you’ll find a few more moments. ¬†Then a few minutes, then 5 minutes, then 10, 20, or 30–whatever your heart desires and whatever you need.

For me, the 5 Steps I’ve been teaching and sharing for years is beautiful because it is flexible and effective. ¬†It guides you through a process of sketching out your own map in a way that is meaningful to you, and it gives you a clear and results-oriented method to achieve what you decide is most important in your life–in your body, mind, spirit, emotions, and relationships. You can focus on one specific area, a very particular goal, and/or the whole of life and see amazing results!

The Map of Meditation I give in my book is a 5-Step Process. I loved writing it and love even more doing it myself and sharing it with as many people as I can. ¬†For me, it has been and continues to be a beautiful and empowering practice. I’m sure it will be for you too!

Until next time…my best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!


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