Here’s what others have said about Ben’s Music-Meditation System


This is more than a self-improvement book. This book can change the direction of your life. I am very analytical as I read, and this book I felt was profound, genuine and accurate. The author explains logically and thoroughly his method which does not adhere to any Faith background, yet embraces all. I am recommending the book to everyone I know! Now, I recommend it to you! -Laura


I love it when I have an understanding of how “things” work and this book provides a new, expanded, scientific understanding of meditation and how it works! I am reading it for the second time and it is even more amazing. -MJ


Well explained and organized presentation to assure a continued progression toward achieving ones personal goals for a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. -Cassie


Thank you for writing a book that is effective and well designed for those who want to improve their lives starting with meditation. I like the way the book was written with clear practical steps keeping it at a very achievable 5 steps. All 5 steps being critical for success, I feel the one we all come short on, is the 5th and final one when we have to “Act with Purpose”. After reflecting on what we want to change, deciding on what we want to improve or achieve and meditating on how to get it done, it is absolutely most important to have this definiteness of purpose and the actionable steps around it. Thank you again for the clear steps. -Building Sustainable Solutions


“Thank you Dr. Koen, this seminar has changed my life! I feel I can achieve anything now!” -Krista


“Ben’s meditation system has given me true healing. I have lost over 25 pounds, am no longer at risk for early onset diabetes, and I’m no longer depressed or fearful—I am truly happy and confident about my life!” -Donna


“If someone would have told me that I would be meditating and that it would improve my life, I would have said they were crazy! But now, I’m not only more confident, I’m healthier, stronger, I have no more pain in my belly, and I’m happier. I know that I can achieve my life goals now. What I learned from Dr. Koen has changed my life.” -Tracey


“Ben Koen, one of the world’s finest musician-scholars, gave a series of talks and performances on The Use and Confluence of Music & Prayer for Healing in Various Traditional Practices & Clinical Research. The depth of insight that he brought to his cross-cultural research on prayer and music, as well as the level of mastery that he demonstrated as he played no less than 20 wind and percussion… instruments from around the world, enveloped the conference participants in a spirit of awe, reverence and joy.” -From the 4th Annual BAMHP Conference Report


“Dear Dr. Koen, this rocks! These techniques are simple but powerful and I will use them for the rest of my life! I love the way I feel in meditation, and afterwards, I have more energy, I’m happier, and I can accomplish everything I want during the day. Then at night, when I meditate again, using your music or the vocal techniques, I sleep well and wake up happy and refreshed. I also usually have great dreams, which hasn’t happened for a long time—thanks!” -Aaron


“Ben’s program of music and meditation helped to heal me of cancer. I had been meditating for a long time, but when I started to follow Ben’s program with specialized visualization, I could feel things change deep inside and I know that it was the meditation that made the shift. When I meditate, I see the healthy person I am and I feel it truly and deeply—I let go of everything and I see and feel the healing happen throughout my body and heart. Ben’s program works. I definitely recommend Ben and his program to you.” -Marion


“I was scared to talk to my parents about what I wanted to do with my life. Dr. Koen’s method let me do this in my mind first. Then I could see it as a possibility. I now talk with them from my heart and they really appreciate it. We have a new and great relationship now. This little thing changed my life in a big way and I’m very thankful.” -Mei


“My situation was different, I thought I was doing fine, but I wasn’t living the life I wanted. Then I started having money troubles and problems in my relationship. I was at a loss for what to do—everything I tried failed. I went through the assessment process in Ben’s book and found exactly what I needed to do. That became the focus of my meditation and my actions through the day. I now have the job I wanted, plenty of money, and a new and fabulous relationship. I’m now looking toward where to go from here! —Thanks Ben!” -Daniel


“I injured my leg and couldn’t exercise anymore. So, I started to gain weight and not like my body anymore. I became obese and hardly had any energy. Starting the program was easy because all I had to do was see clearly in my mind what I wanted to be. During the meditation my pain was gone. I started to use this before exercise and I could hardly believe that I could exercise again. Only a little at the beginning, but I built strength slowly and now I’m losing weight and getting my confidence back.” -Li


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