5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!


“Destined to be the music and meditation book of the decade and an essential resource for years to come. Benjamin Koen is the Herbert Benson of music. This book is a benchmark for the future of music, meditation, healing, health, wellness and success in any area of life.”Harold Koenig, M.D., Director, Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health, Duke University Medical Center

Have you ever tried to change your thoughts to create the life you long for, but get overwhelmed by countless other thoughts racing in every direction? Have you tried to reach your dreams but become discouraged because they are not quickly realized? If so, you are not alone.

So many people try and struggle to create the life they desire in their heart of hearts, but fail for one simple reason. They have left out the most essential step: Meditation—the practice of making conscious contact with your true self, your soul—YOU. From that beautiful and powerful dimension of your inner spirit, which is your personal connection to the source of all being, all things are possible.

This book is a holistic approach to happiness, health, wealth, and manifesting your best life. The concepts and practices that you learn here build upon experience and knowledge that you already have, but may not have fully recognized yet. So, you are already primed and ready to succeed. Order your copy today!

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Natural Healing: Seven Simple Ways to Self-Healing

Natural Healing_COVERNatural Healing is meant for everyone who wants to give their life a new boost or create health and healing in a new and peaceful way. This book doesn’t give you a list of strict rules that you must follow, but rather gives you tools that help you to take healing and energy into your own hands. The approaches shared in Natural Healing come from real life experiences of people who have healed themselves or created more vibrant and healthy lives.

This book can put you back in touch with your true and natural self by giving you some examples of real people who have experienced self-healing. They share with you what they did to let full healing occur. The ways are simple. It is about eating what you need, about dancing, drawing on the power of music and deep effects of sound or laughter on body and soul, and being in touch with the power of the infinite. It is also about the healing power of self-awareness, love, and nature contact, because we are creatures of nature. This book is a beginning to healing in a natural way. The only thing you need is patience and confidence in your own natural self healing potential.

Drawing from ancient wisdom, modern science and medicine, the authors show that we must take into account our own personal natures, as well as nature itself, to truly bring about wellness and healing. Order your copy today!

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The Oxford Handbook of Medical Ethnomusicology

Handbook_PicMedical Ethnomusicology is a new field of integrative and holistic research and applied practice that approaches music, health, and healing anew, engaging the biological, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual domains of human life that frame and inform our experiences of health and healing, illness and disease, life and death. The power of music to create health and healing at the individual, community, and societal levels is not only linked to these domains of human life, but is intimately interwoven with the ever present and multifaceted frame of culture, which is often where meaning lies, and is a key factor that creates or inhibits efficacy.

The Oxford Handbook of Medical Ethnomusicology appeals to all those interested in music, medicine, and culture, and represents a new stage of collaborative discourse among researchers and practitioners who embrace and incorporate knowledge from a diversity of fields. Importantly, such knowledge, by definition, spans the globe of traditional cultural practices of music, spirituality, and medicine, including biomedical, integrative, complementary, and alternative models; is rooted in new physics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, linguistics, medical anthropology, and of course, music, dance, and all the healing arts.

The book is more than the first collected volume to establish the discipline of medical ethnomusicology and express its broad potential; it is also an expression of a wider paradigm shift of innovative thinking and collaboration that fully embraces both the health sciences and the healing arts. The authors encourage the development of this new paradigm through an openness to and engagement of knowledge from diverse research areas and domains of human life conventionally viewed as disparate, yet laden with potential benefits for an improved or vibrant quality of life, prevention of illness and disease, even cure and healing.

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Beyond the Roof of the World: Music, Prayer, and Healing in the Pamir Mountains

Beyond_picWhile Western medicine has conventionally separated music, science, and religion into distinct entities, traditional cultures throughout the world have always viewed music as a bridge that connects the physical with the spiritual. Now, as people in even the most technologically advanced nations across the globe struggle with obtaining affordable and reliable healthcare coverage, more and more people are turning to these ancient cultural practices of ICAM healing (integrative, complementary, and alternative medicine). With Beyond the Roof of the World, Dr. Benjamin D. Koen unearths the Western separation of healing from spiritual and musical practices as a culturally determined phenomenon, and proves the relevance of medical ethnomusicology in light of the globally spreading ICAM healing practices.

Using the culture found within the towering Pamir Mountains of Badakhshan Tajikistan, in a place poetically known as the Roof of the World, as the paradigm of ICAM healing, Koen shows spirituality and musicality to be intimately intertwined with one’s physical life, health and healing. For the first time, Koen bridges the widespread gap between ethnomusicology and music therapy. Koen’s extensive research and emersion into the Badakhstan culture provides the reader with an “insider” perspective while maintaining an “observer’s” view, as he infuses the text with relevant scholarship.

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