New Book! Natural Healing: seven simple ways to self-healing

Hello Friends!

I was recently invited by a European publisher (De Groene Gedachte in Belgium) to contribute a chapter on Music, Meditation, and Healing for a book to be published in Flemish.  That book is out and enjoying a great response in Belgium!

I was then asked to edit and publish the English version. This sounded wonderful, I accepted, and things have been moving forward steadily.

Now, I’m happy to share that the book Natural Healing: seven simple ways to self-healing is now available at Amazon!  A big thanks to Anne-Marijn Somers, owner and editor at De Groene Gedachte publisher in Belgium!

Natural Healing cover screen

Natural Healing is meant for everyone who wants to give their life a new boost or create health and healing in a new and peaceful way. This book doesn’t give you a list of strict rules that you must follow, but rather gives you tools that help you to take healing and energy into your own hands. The approaches shared in Natural Healing come from real life experiences of people who have healed themselves or created more vibrant and healthy lives.

By practicing Natural Healing, you can attain a balanced and renewed quality of life, which you can do at the tempo and in the manner that best connects with your unique personality and specific nature. You could give it the name ‘fusionhealing’. With or without the name, it gives you more energy to heal.

Too often, an overly rational and analytical way of thinking, combined with a modern and busy lifestyle are major obstacles to making contact with your own unique nature. This often leads to a dulling of the senses where you don’t know what is truly good for you, what feels good, what ‘does’ good in your life. This can mislead you to always look externally for answers, rather than turning to your inner wisdom and intuition.

This book can put you back in touch with your true and natural self by giving you some examples of real people who have experienced self-healing. They share with you what they did to let full healing occur. The ways are simple. It is about eating what you need, about dancing, drawing on the power of music and the deep effects of sound or laughter on body and soul, and being in touch with the power of the infinite. It is also about the healing power of self-awareness, love and nature contact, because we all are creatures of nature.

This book is a beginning to healing in a natural way. The only thing you need is patience and confidence in your own natural self-healing potential.

Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern science and medicine, the authors show that we must take into account our own personal natures, as well as nature itself, to truly bring about wellness and healing. They also emphasize that wholeness and natural healing is within you and doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. It does, however, require a mindshift to see the interconnectedness and oneness in all things. This is one of the keys to Natural Healing.  I hope this serves you well!

To a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!



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