Music Flow Meditation and Success in Business and Life


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One of the most powerful ways to engage your Super Power Success System is through Music and Meditation.

In my courses on how to use music and meditation to achieve any goal in your business and life, the question often arises:  “How can music practically help me to achieve the business breakthrough or life transformation that I’m looking for?”

Let’s first consider a related question:

Why do we instinctively turn to music or specialized sound to create a desired emotion or state change? Put simply, music creates a state change, a mindshift, momentum and energy. More than that, music is the language of the soul—it is the language of your inner, eternal, true self. Music is also food for the soul.

Therefore, the soul seeks expression through music and sound, and is also nourished through music and sound.

When you instinctively turn to music, it is the spiritual action of your soul or inner being that manifests your desire to be in a different state, achieve a goal or transformation, or experience the transcendent.

It is the soul’s need for expression or nourishment that compels you to express and experience yourself through music and sound—usually by listening, singing, making music, or dancing, as well as by sharing your favorite music with friends face to face and through social media.

Like music, meditation and prayer are also the language of and food for the soul. Here, we now see a great relationship among music, meditation, and prayer beginning to emerge.


While there are multiple aspects to these relationships, what is most important to highlight now is that music and meditation are often interrelated, and at times are one and the same.

At their heart, music and meditation are ladders for the soul that connects us to our spiritual reality. Equally important is that music is a vehicle of meaning and energythat is, every song, sound, or piece of music carries and gives meaning and energy to the listener.

That meaning and energy then effects a change in the listener.  The key in using music in your meditation is to assign your intention, goal, or desired outcome to the music used during your meditation. Music has the power to carry meaning deep into your psyche, your body, your whole being.

I’m sure you’ve had the experience when hearing a song or piece of music that makes you recall a memory from a long time floods you with the same emotions you felt at that time in the past; or where you use music to give yourself incredible physical energy to accomplish some goal—maybe when working out, exercising, running, winning at some sport, getting motivated to achieve a goal at work or study, or simply to relax.

You’ve probably also used music to create a special environment to achieve other goals, like setting the mood for a romantic encounter, building energy in a group for a meeting or event, calming down the energy of an individual or group of people, helping yourself sleep or wake up, to intentionally remember a particular time in your life or experience specific emotions, to forget something or someone, to escape a particular situation or memory, or to feel better, stronger, happier, or healthier.

I’m certain that you’ve already used music to change your state at a specific time for a specific reason and you already know that music can change the feeling and experience of your body, mind, emotions, spirit, and relationships.

Music and meditation can balance, integrate, and recalibrate your entire being. In fact, music itself is a kind of meditation.

Music is a ladder that is expressed through the interplay of sound and silence. So, since music is both a language of the soul and food for the soul, we can say that we need both sound and silence to be whole and healthy.

Music strengthens your soul and increases its presence in your life. The soul is always seeking to ascend to greater heights of spirituality; music lifts the soul up and gives it power.

From this vantage point, read the following three lines, then pause, breathing naturally and deeply, and allow the essence of meaning to permeate your being:

Music strengthens and empowers my soul.

When my soul is strong and fully present in my life,

all is well and I can achieve anything.

Now let’s go back to the initial question about how music can practically help you to create the business breakthrough or life fulfillment you desire:  Since music is a vehicle of meaning, and also music is a form of meditationyou can build on this inherent aspect of music to carry your intended business or life goal deep into your being.  All you have to do is assign your intended meaning, goal, or desired outcome to the music you use in your meditation by following the process in my 5 Step System. 

This works for three key reasons:

  1. Music is intimately related to your Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions, and Relationships, out of which all wealth, prosperity, abundance, and success flows, and
  2. Music or specialized sound (like the super effective long-tone vocalization I teach) with meditation naturally engages and directs your Super Power Success System through the channels described in recent newsletters about neuroplasticity, cognitive flexibility, embeingment, entrainment, and the HCP (Human Certainty Principle).
  3. Music facilitates the state and experience of flow, which is essential to move beyond a one-time experience of success. Flow helps you move from the experience of meditation into your daily action and the music is a powerful cognitive link and reminder that brings the flow state to mind throughout your day.

For some people, the power of music is very obvious and used intuitively every day.

For others, it remains elusive.

However, for virtually all people, music or specialized sound is only an accompaniment to meditation and is not fully embraced for its transformational affect or for its power to effect change and carry you to your desired goals.

I have used music and meditation in my own life and seen it work in my research and in diverse cultural contexts to create seemingly miraculous outcomes.  

I have seen and experienced profound states of ecstasy from which incredible outcomes emerge: including healing, insight, motivation, peace, certitude, clarity on which way to go and what to do in business, relationships and life; focus, strength, vibrancy and joy that lead you to moving through life with power and peace on your own terms.

There is not just one kind of music or sound that helps you to do this. In fact, one of the main things I do when I teach is to empower you with a host of approaches to using music and sound in meditation to achieve your goals and dreams.  

Learning how to use the power of music and meditation in an authentic and effective way not only brings you a new vista of life possibilities, but also empowers you to create a vibrant, beautiful, wealthy and abundant life.

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