Meditation, Soul, and Yes.


Dear Friends,

When you meditate and bring your conscious awareness in touch with your soul, you are at a perfect moment in time of unlimited potential.

At that moment of connection, you can pose a question to your soul and your soul responds, giving you an answer from source energy, which is connected to and part of your soul, part of you.

You will see the path open before you and you will hear the answer come into your heart and mind.

At that moment in meditation when you connect your daily self with your soul self, you can experience healing. At times in stages, and at times fully and spontaneously.

In that space of meditative being, you are completely free from judgement–free from judging others or yourself. You are free, vibrating at a higher frequency, and this releases all lower frequencies of stress, guilt, shame, and the like.

In that space of meditation when you feel your soul energy come into your heart, you forgive everyone, including yourself and your parents, everyone…and you love them, from your soul, through your heart, into the shared soul energy that permeates all things.

Connecting with your soul in meditation floods your heart with joy and you are thankful.

Gratitude flows form you heart into the world around you and raises our collective consciousness.

At this moment of unity with your soul, you can see your true self, be your best self, and feel the universe within you.

You will hear the voice of truth speaking to you, gently saying that you are beautiful, you are loved.

meditation-884687_1920You will then notice that this voice is the voice of unbounded love, energy, and is not only coming to you from source energy, but it is coming from within you.

You are pure love energy, and you are enlightened.


Breath in and know that you are soul.

Breath out and let your soul flow throughout the world to all beings.

Can you transform your life through meditation?…Yes.

Can you experience healing in meditation?…Yes.

Can you find your way to begin anew through meditation?…Yes.

Can you achieve your heart’s desire through meditation?…Yes.

With love,


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