Meditation, Best Practice, and Manifesting Your Dreams

To manifest your dreams,

make a change, or achieve success,

you must have a strong enough reason.


In other words, you have to answer the question Why?

For little things, the “why” doesn’t need to be so strong–the strength can match the goal. But for life transformation or achieving big goals, dreams and passions, the “why” must be as big and powerful as the goal is.


What is your most important goal in life right now?

And why do you have to achieve it?


Notice I didn’t say want to achieve it—I said have to.

It has to be a must.

Each of us is motivated by a specific reason, and our reasons can change from goal to goal or at different times in our lives.


Sometimes we hit rock bottom and we know we have to make a change.


Sometimes our back is up against the wall and we simply must make it happen—whatever that might be.


Sometimes everything in life is amazing and we just have an unstoppable and passionate desire to achieve a particular goal or new level in life.


Whether the change or goal has to do with your money, work, body, health, relationships, education, soul or your inner being, you have to answer the question: Why?


Once you know why, and that reason is truly powerful, nothing can stop you.

I believe that when your personal will is strong enough, you will find the way to make it happen, whatever it is.

Do you believe this too?

What is your most important goal right now and what is your Why? What do you passionately desire to have, be, or create in your life right now and what is your Why?


Go ahead, say it out loud right now, your gut response…Or jot it down on a piece of paper right now.


Important questions:

Are you going to achieve it?

Do you believe that you can and will achieve it?

Do you know that you can and will create it?

If you answered yes to all of these, great!


If you have any doubt, that’s ok for now, but along the way you’ll have to develop the Mindset of Certitude—it is a mindset beyond belief, it is a Knowing that you can and will achieve it, do it, be it, or create it.


There are many ways to achieve the Certitude Mindset if you don’t have it yet, and I’ll share one key process below.


But first, know that underlying all of them is the dynamic of meditation.


This dynamic is one in which your mind becomes calm and open, free and detached, focused and empowered.  An experience of oneness begins to grow, obstacles are removed from your mind, you see potential as fulfilled reality, and you experience certitude.

I go into detail about the meditative process

here in my latest book.


Key to bringing your meditation into reality is having a repeatable and daily cycle of building from one success to the next.

Basically this means taking daily actions toward your goal and thus building strength upon strength, victory upon victory.



And don’t worry about how big or small the action is—in fact, small achievable steps are best to start with.

Just do it whether or not you have doubt or fear—


Take the first step and you’ll see where to take the next one.



Sure, you can make a detailed plan as well to give yourself direction and structure, objectives and strategies to achieve the goal.


But sometimes that can bog you down, stifle your action, and lead to more doubt and eventually a strong belief that you can’t do it, be it, achieve it, or create it.


At the very least, do this:

Take the step of seeing your outcome now, in the beginning of your process. This is envisioning what you will create as being accomplished already. See it in your mind as real and true, and hold this vision for a moment until you can feel it and taste it.  If this is difficult for you, refer to the 5-Steps process here.


Now, here is framework of what your daily action plan can look like after you first choose your goal:

A.  Take Action (these are like little goals that are part of the process)

B.  See and celebrate the success of taking action.

C.  Reflect on your action and, based on that experience and any other new information, decide on the next step.

D.  Take that next step immediately or schedule it now for a time tomorrow, preferably in the morning. This new action is a return to part “A” of the cycle.


Repeat this process as a mode of operation or “best practice” method.



Doing this will strengthen your Certitude Mindset and you will reach a point where nothing can stop you because your personal will (or your internal passionate desire) will be strong enough to develop into momentum.



For those of you that like flowcharts, here’s one way to see it below.


If you’re one of the people that is looking for a way to truly find your passion and haven’t found it yet, I’ll be sharing a bit about that soon!  Until then, here’s to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!





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