Meditation and Relationships


Hello Friends!!  I am often asked about the role of Meditation in Relationships. The questions come from people in many different situations. People often ask: Can meditation can help me find the perfect mate, resolve some ongoing conflict, heal a marriage headed for divorce, bring more vitality and happiness into my relationship, rekindle lost passions, or create love and passion where it never really existed before? The ANSWER is YES, IT DEPENDS, and NO.  These and countless case-specific questions that I’m asked about always have one key consideration at the outset. The first thing to ask yourself is: Does the thing I want to create or change in the relationship pertain only to ME, the OTHER PERSON in the relationship, or BOTH of US?

If it relates ONLY to you, then YES, ABSOLUTELY, meditation can be the key to change and magical creation of all that you desire in the relationship!

If the change you desire or desperately need relates to BOTH of you, then IT DEPENDS. If you both want the change and are moving in the same direction, again, meditation can work wonders.

However, if the change relates only to the OTHER PERSON, and he or she is simply not interested in or able to make the change, then no amount of meditation, or anything for that matter, can bring about true and lasting change to make the relationship what you want and need. This is not necessarily good or bad, right or wrong–it all depends on the specific situation.

I have seen cases where my 5-Step meditation system has been used to totally transform abusive behaviors because that person, the owner of the behaviors, chose to change them. There have been cases where the same system in my 5-Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU! has opened people up to possibilities they never before considered as possible, and incredible changes happen that lead to vibrancy and joy in their lives and relationships. There have also been cases where people use the same 5-Step System to find their perfect mate through visualization and manifesting the relationship they desire in their heart of hearts.

women_candid_beautiful_312939_oHere’s the thing: Meditation can work miracles when the necessary change relates to the person doing it!

Sure, its true that we are all connected, that we are all one, and that when you make a change or reach a higher level of consciousness through meditation, it influences everyone in your environment, it even effects a change in the world.

This is true of all states of consciousness, whether in meditation or not. Each of us effects a change in our own lives, the lives of those around us, and the universe through our states of consciousness, our states of being. However, the effects are by degree.  The greatest degree of effect is in your own mind, body, soul, and being; not is someone else’s mind, body, soul, or being.

Think of it this way, if your body is in an optimal state of health, vibrancy and strength and your best friend is obese, unhealthy, and knows exactly what she needs to do to get to her ideal weight and to be healthy and happy, can you make the necessary changes for her? Can you exercise for her? Can you eat the right foods for her? Can you have the positive body image that she needs in her own mind for her? No…She has to do it for herself.

You can encourage, support, accompany, teach, and even motivate her, but at the end of the day, there is only one person that can make it happen, and that is her.

This is true for any situation and in any domain of life.

True and lasting change comes from within.

Real creation and manifesting starts on the inside, your inside.

How do you get to the inside? Through meditation.

How do you use meditation in a directed, clear and effective way to reach any outcome that you know you must achieve? There are many ways…here is the one that I have used to help hundreds of people.

May it serve you well.

Try it out and get in touch with me to share your experience and questions–I’ll respond.

To your meditations, relationships, and a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!


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4 Responses to “Meditation and Relationships

  • Thanks for this helpful information:) will try and follow the meditation advise, always wanted to know how to do it right!

  • Benjamin Koen
    5 years ago

    You’re most welcome, Katya! As you go through the book, do stay in touch with any questions or comments. The journaling aspect of the process is key, so be sure to do that too. In the meantime, I invite you to sign up for my Free weekly newsletter at: Looking forward!

  • nice blog dad! luv it!:)

  • Thank you for this post. It spoke to my heart. Clear, simple language creates clarity, and clarity is power. This post took lots of vague, fuzzy ideas I had and gave me three very simple questions to ask, and as importantly, three very simple possible answers, not a million. I asked myself, “Who’s responsible for what’s happening in my marriage?” Then I asked my husband who he thinks is responsible, me, him or both of us. Those simple questions primed the pump, I guess, as you might say. When it occurred to me later to ask him if he’d read your book and try the meditation, he said yes straightaway. He knows I’ve been using it for 9 months, yet he never showed any interest in reading it or using it, and I never asked him to. So some simple, clear thoughts, and a shift. Ever grateful.

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