Matching your Meditation to your Vision, Purpose, and Goals!

Are you reaching your goals in a timely fashion and in a way that you love and which brings you joy? Are you living the life you desire? Do you feel like your achievements reflect your vision, purpose, and objectives? If so, your method and goals are most likely a good or ideal match.  If not, then there are three things you should consider: 1) Is meditation part of your process?  2) Have you chosen the most important  thing as your goal? and 3) Is your your approach or way of doing something matched to your desired outcome?

For number 1), if meditation is not part of your process, then this is the missing link. Go to now to check out 5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy You and get started with bringing your vision, purpose, and goals into reality!

For number 2), if meditation is part of your process, but you are not able to reach your goals or you feel a lack of vision or purpose, then you likely are focusing on the wrong goal. You might be focusing on something that is important, but it might not be the most important.  The previous newsletter highlights this point and you can check it out here.

For number 3), this is the focus of this newsletter–matching your method to your vision, purpose, and goals.

Let me explain a bit by using an example from my new book:

“She was all smiles, full of enthusiasm, with just a smidge of disbelief. This is how one of my top doctoral students entered class that day. She had just finished reading a section of my first book and she was ready for an easy route to fat loss [later she learned that one key to achieving her goals was to transform her language into positive and empowered words that would lead her to her goal–so instead of ‘fat loss’ she would focus on body redesign or a healthy, strong, and vital body].

She sat down and looked at me, excitedly. ‘You mean that if I meditate, I can lose weight? I’m ready! Tell me how.’

Everyone is ready when there is an easy way that requires no personal action—you know, the get-rich-quick approach to life. Of course, she was thinking that there was a magic fat-loss meditation to which I held the secret. Without missing a beat, I smiled and said, ‘Absolutely you can, if you have the right meditation! First, tell me what is meditation to you?’ She had not yet taken any of my seminars on meditation, so this was a new conversation for us. She went on to describe it as a basic idea of clearing her head, deep breathing, and finding a peaceful state of mind… and that was it. Well, that can be fine for some things, a quick relaxation response to de-stress in the moment, if you will. It can even be used to create more peace in life overall, if practiced regularly. But it was certainly not going to help her achieve the body she was looking for. Neither would it help you reach your dreams or create the life of happiness, health, and wealth that you desire.

The reason is because her approach to meditation was not aimed at any focused action and had no specific goal for the post-meditation part of life—i.e., the rest of her day, every day, after meditating. I explained that naturally there are many different kinds of meditation, and that most have a special approach, technique, purpose, goal, or outcome. They are fine for some things and not for others. If you want to change and improve your body, heal yourself, or create a specific outcome and reality in your life, 5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy You will help you do it.”

Consider another example: what kind of music will help you put a child to sleep? A lullaby is the first thing that comes to mind–something very specific and perfectly matched to the purpose and desired outcome. Across diverse cultures of the world, lullabies share some common elements and avoid others, e.g. generally they are gentle, tender, loving, simple, melodic, and in a low volume and narrow pitch range; and they are not loud, extreme, complex, or composed of harsh sounds. The sounds of a lullaby are matched to its purpose.

So, the question here is, from all the different methods of meditation out there, which one will be the most effective for you to achieve what you must achieve?  Which meditation is the best match for your vision, purpose, and goals? If you want a general outcome or have a relatively easy to grasp goal, then a general meditation practice will suffice. For instance, if you want to calm your system, relax, or lower your heart rate, then the following steps will suffice: be in any comfortable position and loosen any tight clothing. While closing your eyes, inhale deeply and naturally through your nose, filling your lungs completely, do this for a count of five (~5 seconds) and exhale through your mouth for another count of five allowing your lungs to empty completely. As you do this, simply pay attention to your breath going in and out, slowly, gently, and peacefully. Let your mind follow this process of breathing in and breathing out.  Do this ten times. How do you feel? If you just did this, now you are more relaxed than you were a couple minutes ago–perhaps incredibly so!

If you liked this and would like to learn some ways to adapt this simple process, don’t worry, I’ll build on this in a future newsletter because the effects can truly be wonderful. However, for life transformation, body redesign, achieving major goals in life, or if you have a vision, purpose, and goals beyond this relaxation response, then you will need a systematic plan with vision, purpose, and goals that are meaningful to you. This is where my new book and its 5 Steps method can be of service to you.

The efficacy of the 5 Steps approach is that it is systematic and empowers you with a process that you can use as it is presented, or you can modify it to your particular sensibilities and situation.  The method is built so that the meditation you practice is perfectly matched to that which you have chosen as the most important reality that you must be, have, or create at this time in your life.

Usually, we have many things in life that we want to create or achieve, all of which are important. However, if we reflect deeply and honestly about all of them, we will see that one will rise to the level of being the most important.  

Once you decide and choose that which you must be, have, or create in your life now, the next step is to match the method of meditation to your vision, purpose, and goals.

To learn powerful and practical steps to do this, I invite you to check out my new book here  and as you go through the process, I encourage you to get in touch with me personally to share your experience and follow up with any questions you might have.

If you’d like to get immediate feedback on the Five Factors of your Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions, and Relationships, all of which play into you being able to create a clear and powerful vision, a true sense of purpose, and clearly defined goals, you can take my Free Test here.

The test is quick and easy and you’ll get immediate test results that will reflect where you are now and the direction you can go to achieve all that you desire in life.

If you are ready now to take action that will bring the results you desire, go to the book here now and start creating your vision, living your purpose, and achieving your goals!

To a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU! 


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