Manifesting Your Meditation!

True Happiness

These are the words that open my book 5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU! –and I wanted to share a bit of explanation about them.

First is the joyous and unapologetic statement of truth that right now, within you, there exists true happiness, health, and wealth.

Many people feel this, know it to be true, and their life naturally expresses this truth. Many other people, however, have forgotten or perhaps never known that these qualities or states of being are their birthright and core nature.

We are not only created with these attributes or states of being inside of us—they are meant to be expressed throughout our lives—in our daily interactions and activities, in our professions, businesses, creative endeavors—in everything!

In other words, one aspect of our nature is to express these states of being (Happiness, Health, and Wealth) that are within us—to let their generative energy flow throughout our lives and create more happiness, health, and wealth in the world.

What about the last phrase? “they…unfold with each moment of meditation.”

Meditation is like priming the pump of your soul. Each moment of meditation is like a drop of water that builds into a stream that primes the pump until momentum is created. The result is that the soul responds with a gushing and unstoppable flow of that which you intend to manifest.

The vision that you want to manifest is also like a seed with limitless potential that you plant in your meditative mind. With each moment of meditation, a process unfolds that nurtures the growth of that seed and leads you closer to manifesting your vision.

How does this work?

Well, simply put, your meditative mind is a bridge of and to your soul—it is part of the manifest and potentially manifest reality—it is both here and there—it is a channel that is made up of the present manifest reality and the untapped, yet to be created reality from the source of all things.

Using the pump metaphor, your meditative mind is, in part, the water you pour to prime the pump, and it is, in part, the flowing water that is gushing from a limitless spring once it is primed—these are all connected—they are one reality at varying stages of expression.

Your soul is your essential and eternal reality that is expressive of and linked to the source of all things. Whatever you place in your meditative mind, hold there consistently with gratitude and joy, see it and feel it as being real and true, will be created in your life to the degree that you act upon your vision. This is a law of nature and expresses one way of how things come into being.

(Although the soul is, essentially indescribable, it is helpful to describe aspects or attributes of the soul to get a better sense of it and to feel its presence, to feel our true presence as soul.) The soul is dynamic, vital, generative, creative, and limitless. The soul is only good, positive, healthy, alive, and overflowing with power and joy.

With respect to meditation, the soul is like a kind super fertile soil that grows and produces (manifests) whatever is planted in it. It is also akin to a mirror that faithfully reflects whatever image (vision) is placed before it.

At times, the result of manifesting a new reality is immediate, with little to no time delay. This happens when your individual will is in harmony with the greater good.

At other times, the manifestation of what one meditates on takes more time. This is also natural and good. In the realm of meditation, there is no rush. Things come into being, into form, as they should—they unfold naturally with each moment of meditation.

One thing to remember: the success of meditation often rests in your ability to extend the experience (the feeling, content, and energy) of meditation throughout your daily life, in action.

My plan is to share more about this in upcoming newsletters. Let me know if you like this idea and if this would serve you well and if there are other topics you’d like to hear about.  You can respond in the comments below, or send me an email at

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In the meantime, my book takes you through a clear and proven process of how to extend meditation throughout your day and life. It gives practical steps on how to get results. And I’m excited to share that I’m currently working on a comprehensive online course that will go deep into the book’s material with expanded content and multiple ways of learning. More on that as it develops!

Until next Friday… All my best to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!


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