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“By immersing your thoughts in that subtle and generative state of meditation where all potentials exist, you become aware of your true self and strengthen the connection to the source of your being. Then, by learning how to extend that energy into your daily actions, you can manifest the reality that your soul inspires.” This is an excerpt from the first pages of my latest book about Meditation and Manifesting your best life and relates to our question of the week. Keep reading!

Some people often get lost is the beautiful experience of meditation and lose sight of how to manifest the focus of their meditation.  Of course, there are many kinds of meditation, some for peace and relaxation, some for awareness and mindfulness, some for manifesting the focus of meditation, and there are others, and still some are a combination of these.

For now, I’m talking about the way to manifest or to create that which you are meditating on.

Since meditation is an essential human need we all have, it makes sense that meditation itself can be an experience of deep fulfillment and bliss. So, its easy to understand how a person could lose focus after a meditation is finished, since the very act of meditating is a great accomplishment and deeply meaningful.

But what happens next?

This relates to our question of the week, which comes from a group Q & A session I did recently.

Question of the Week (from Amanda):

I’m meditating every day now and it truly feels amazing! I can say that it has radically improved my life! Here’s my question: sometimes what I meditate on magically comes into my life without me doing anything and sometimes it doesn’t…why is that?

Great question! As we discussed this in the group, there were a few others who had the same experience as Amanda. So, I asked them this:  What is the difference between the things that magically happen and the things that don’t?

At first, for everyone it seemed to be the same.  They all said that the magical things were simply totally unexpected and that they were not working on achieving these things as goals per se.

However, when they stopped to think about it deeply, they realized that, in fact they wanted these things, but they were not consciously part of their daily actions.

And for the things that did not magically come into Amanda’s life (as well as some others in the group), those things were actually part of their plans and goals, which seemed very strange!

Now, there was also another group who had BOTH experiences: Magical unexpected things coming into life AND manifesting the goals that they had put into their daily action plan.

Now here’s the thing:  At a closer look, the first group realized that the “magical” things were actually things that they deeply desired in their heart of hearts and were often totally focused on throughout the day, but at subtle levels of their consciousness!

These subtle levels (and subconscious levels) are powerful and cannot be ignored. They are creative energies and will work to manifest themselves into your life.

From this vantage point, the “magical” things were actually receiving lots of mental and emotional, even spiritual energy throughout the day–Amanda’s mouth dropped open as she realized that she had been ‘thinking’ about these things without consciously thinking about them–and then they seemingly magically appeared into her life.

For the things that did not appear so easily, there were a couple points to mention:

  1. At times, these things were not the most important goals in life for Amanda or there wasn’t a truly deep emotional connection to them, they were more like things she had to do or that others wanted her to do. Or…
  2. She had duality in her mind and heart about the things she had chosen as goals for her daily actions. So, she couldn’t put her whole self into achieving them.

In all cases, what became clear is that: 

We take daily action in many ways, both conscious and unconscious and BOTH are important.

So, when you manifest something, you can be sure that at some level of your being, your mind, heart, or soul (consciously or unconsciously) you have some energy feeding it and nurturing it into your life.

This becomes a stepping stone to your next level, your next adventure, and you can be sure that the adventure will continue 🙂

Take a moment and reflect on those things that are coming into your life that you want (or don’t want), and those things, people, or experiences that are not coming into your life…what’s the difference? Are there competing energies in your being?

This is where meditation can catapult you into a new dimension of coherence and connection to all that you truly desire and can clarify which actions to take today, tomorrow, and everyday.

If you need any help clarifying your path, your goals, or how to get there, let me know…I’m here to serve you.

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