Live-it, Don’t Diet! Part 1

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Life Giving, Energy Enhancing, Vitalizing, Micronutrient Rich, Whole, Fresh Food!


This does NOT mean deprivation, dieting, or having food depression! 

This DOES mean Living Strong, Vital, and Healthy!

It ALSO means that when you train your mind and body correctly,

you will deeply desire what is good for you, and that is bliss.


I’m currently teaching a university course on Exercise, Nutrition, Transformation and the Mind-Body Connection, and let me tell you, it’s a blast!


It’s thrilling to see how simple, concise, and meaningful information can lead to profound changes and lasting benefits, even life transformation.


In this newsletter, I’m keeping it brief and sharing some key nutritional tips that I use in my life and which work in hand with the Sept. 21st newsletter on Body Factor and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). By the way, I’ll be sharing my approach to HIIT in the next newsletter, so stay tuned!

First and foremost, this is about a mindshift to a new mindset.

A shift from fearing deathto a state of vibrant life and living!  

In other words:  Live-it, don’t Diet!  

Every week people ask me:

  1. What exercises should I do?
  2. What food should I eat?
  3. What is the best meditation for this or that?
  4. How can I get healthy or heal?


When looking at the first two, people are usually more interested in number 1: Exercise.


That is because number 2: FOOD, is far more difficult to control because it has a host of powerful links in our brains and bodies.

So, to help you Live-it more, here are simple but powerful principles that you can incorporate into your life. When you do, you will have made a major contribution to your health and vitality.  


Now, depending on your current physical state–if you are not at your ideal weight, strength, and vitality; or if you are overweight or obese–then the following principles will need to be used in varying degrees.


In other words, the further away you are from a healthy state, you are probably doing less on the list below; if you are already strong and healthy, you most likely are doing some or most of these to a medium to high degree.

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For me, this is great fun, invigorating, and beautiful!  So, HERE YOU GO:

  1. I start my day with one liter of water with fresh lemon juice! Love it!
  2. Lately I’ve been enjoying a cappuccino with coconut milk! If you like coffee, this is the bomb! Really a great drink and no sugar (it’s already a little sweet).
  3. Eat only when you are hungry and when your previous food has been digested. Very important to let your system work fully and rest.
  4. Eat Whole Fresh Foods: this is the basis of what I eat.
  5. Eat Natural Plant-Based Food: Food that grows out of the ground. For me, this includes at least one green drink or smoothie a day and sometimes two or three.
  6. When cooking, primarily use steam.
  7. If you want to use oil to cook on occasion: only use small amounts and keep the heat low to medium.
  8. Eliminate all highly processed and refined foods.
  9. Eliminate all refined sugar.
  10. Once a week, eat a meal without considering the above (except for number 3, this is always key). In other words, eat whatever you want for that one meal.  With this and ALL of the ABOVE remember to ENJOY IT!

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This is just a beginning and there are lots of fun details to share later. But these are the basics of what I do.  At this stage, I’m flexible with it and am constantly experimenting with it and tweaking it to achieve different goals.



I’d love to hear what you’re doing to Live-it instead of Diet!

Do share in the comments below!


To a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU! 



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