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SpiritDear Friends, my recent book, 5 STEPS to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU! and my newsletter is an offering from my heart to yours. My intention is that the spirit and energy of this book will connect with that place deep in your heart and soul where you are fully aware that you are a beautiful, wondrous, eternal, and joyful being. From that place of wholeness and oneness within you, that place where all is well, you will learn clear and practical steps on how to extend the energy of your soul throughout your body, mind, emotions, relationships, and life in order to create all that you can imagine.

This book stems from more than thirty years of music making and meditation, as well as over a decade of research and applied practice, all of which have helped me to overcome my personal challenges and become a happy, healthy, wealthy, and spiritual being, full of love, strength, energy, peace, and enthusiasm. The powers of music and meditation continually transform my life and I see them transform the lives of others daily, in ways both great and small.

If you truly desire to create happiness, health, and wealth in your life, this book is for you. You do not need to know anything about music or meditation to benefit from this book. It is not about making music or being a musician, but rather about how the powers of music and meditation can work together to help you create the life you dream of. This book is a sharing of what I know to be a powerful way of wellness and healing, a way of transformation, a way of happiness, a way of wealth, and a way of manifestation.

Along with my personal experience of knowing and living through the powers of music and meditation, my research into these powers has explored how and why music, specialized sound, and meditation can help you to create the life you desire. I have come to believe and know that you can create health and healing, a clear, focused, and peaceful mind, empowered and joyful emotions, unified and vibrant relationships, wealth and prosperity, and the spiritual qualities that fill your heart and life with love, laughter, vitality, serenity, and strength. I have shared the principles and practices in these pages with hundreds of people spanning a broad diversity of backgrounds, who without fail when they practice these simple yet powerful techniques, are able to transform their thoughts to a higher state of consciousness, achieving and often far exceeding their personal goals.

Through the myriad concerns of daily life, attention to the past, and worry about the future, you may have forgotten who and what you truly are, what you are capable of creating, and how beautiful life can be. This book is a way to return to your true self—a self that is pure, beautiful, knowing, loving, strong, giving, peaceful, and able to create anything you desire. By immersing your thoughts in that subtle and generative state of meditation where all potentials exist, you become aware of your true self and strengthen the connection to the source of your being. Then, by learning how to extend that energy into your daily actions, you can manifest the reality that your soul inspires. Briefly put, this book will enable you to enliven your connection to your inner spirit and let that energy flow into all aspects of your life, creating a sea change in the invisible quality and manifest reality of your existence.

The ideas, skills, and practices that you will learn in my book focus on music and meditation as ladders for the ascent of your soul, the transformation of your life, and the manifestation of all the potentialities of your heart. When you climb these ladders daily, you will experience positive change and even transformation in every aspect of life. Most importantly, remember to have fun! This is a practice and a process, not a one-time event. So, enjoy every moment of the beautiful journey you are about to begin!

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With all my heart, to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!


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