Gratitude Tea and “Tapping Into” Meditation


Beautiful Shangri-La Tea!

Beautiful Shangri-La Tea!

Dear Friends,

Many of you loved last week’s Newsletter: Reboot Your System with Forgiveness & Gratitude in Meditation–thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences–it means the world to me!

Some feedback that I thought worth sharing here was that many readers told me that the Newsletter was not only packed with valuable information, but that it was potentially life-changing. That gave me great joy and I really want to say thanks to you for sharing. After all, that is the whole purpose of the Newsletter–to add value and serve.

For those of you that read it, or perhaps shared it with a friend, but maybe didn’t try out the meditation practice for yourself, I’d like to welcome you back to that post and invite you to try the recommended meditation for the Morning and Evening–you can see it again here: Reboot UpdatedYou’ll see that at the end of that Newsletter, I gave brief and powerful Three-Part Mantra for your meditation (if you want to go straight to that)–It’s easy to remember and powerful in its effect.

I’ve included it here as well (at the bottom of this Newsletter) 🙂

Now, onto Gratitude Tea and “Tapping In”!

Previously, I’ve mentioned the importance of recognizing that there are many different ways to meditate, many types of meditation, and often there are different goals to meditation. So,  be sure to match the type of meditation to your goal. For example, one kind of meditation is specifically used to create the relaxation response, while another kind is used for envisioning and manifesting your desire; and there are many others as well.

One key to carrying the transformative effects of meditation into your daily life is to know how to tap into the power of meditation during the day when you drift away from the empowered state of meditation.

These moments of tapping into your meditative power can happen in an instant, in a breath, in a few seconds, or a minute or two.

When I tap into my meditative state during the day, time stands still for a moment–its like all of a sudden I realize my soul is at one with the universe, with all consciousness, with all things.  Sometimes I have a particular goal in mind and I “tap in” to see if it is in harmony with the universe and what steps I should take.

This is like a moment of the crystallization of forces where my mind and intention connects and becomes one with the greater good, the greater will, the Will of God, or the flow of the universe (call it what you like).  In that moment, something is created.  Then, at times it is immediately manifested into my life, and at times it takes a while–sometimes a long while, it depends. 🙂

Here is a brief version of story of how this happened to me and resulted in a journey halfway around the world that changed my life forever.

The story begins in New York City–I was living there for a few years, gigging all over the city with some wonderful and creative musicians, jazz and world music legends, and having a spiritual blast in music, sound, and improvisation! These were some great times! (You can see a bit about some of that here).

I accepted a gig with a group that was set to tour the U.S.  About a month and a half into the tour, in a moment of reflection (a kind of quick meditative experience) time seemed to stop and a thought came to my mind–“CHINA!”

I had always had a special affinity for China and Africa as a child.

I’m not sure why, but my what flowed from the universe, through my soul and into my mind at that moment was “I am going to China”.  I was on the west coast at that time and I telephoned a friend back in New York City.

He answered the phone and I told him “This gig has been a great ride and I’m thankful for it. But I’m ready to come back to the City. Actually, I really want to go to China!”  There was silence…then he said: “O my God, Ben, right now there is a fax coming in with a job in China!…If you want it, its yours, just send me a resumé and we’ll get it rolling.”

Well, I had been traveling the world with my saxophone and some flutes and had no need for a resumé–so I didn’t have one on hand. That night, after the gig, we went to a late-night dinner for a bite to eat.  I scratched out a simple resumé on the back of a paper place mat and sent it off to my friend. I gave my notice, and two weeks later, I crossed the great ocean, landed in China and stayed for a year. Many years later I returned to that vast and ancient land for another 5 years and am still here now 🙂

As you can imagine, there is much to the story, but for now, the purpose is to show one example of a time where I  had a heartfelt desire and intention that was in harmony with the flow of the universe.

In that particular instance, there was no time delay between me voicing my desire and the universe responding in the affirmative. It actually seemed as though the universe was waiting for me. In other words, its as though the stage was set and all that was required was for me to say I’m ready–yes–let’s go!

The point I wanted to emphasize here is that in the moment of calling my friend in NYC, I was thankful for the gig I was on, I was truly grateful for it and all that it was–the good and the bad–it was an experience that deserved gratitude, thankfulness, and I was, without thinking about it, grateful. And the universe responded (or perhaps the universe was waiting for me to respond)!

What about Tea??!!

Red tea from Yunnan Province

Red tea from Yunnan Province

Ah yes, the joy of tea, coffee, coconut juice, and more….but today, Tea from Yunnan Province and the mystical city Shangri-La!

In my recent visit to Kunming City in Yunnan Province, I had the beautiful experience and honor to make several new friends from within many of China’s traditional people’s cultures. One experience was in a Shangri-La tea house.

The point is short and sweet (or salty depending on the tea!–one of the famous traditional teas from Shangri-La is with milk and sugar, or milk and salt. I had the salty one that day). Really, the point is that tea can help you to “tap into” your meditation and into your soul-self.

As I sat in the traditional tea tent and spoke with the youth from Shangri-La, I was in a state of gratitude. The steam from the boiling water flowed through the air and framed our view  of a Buddhist temple outside the tent.

Thank you...I'm so happy and grateful...

Thank you…I’m so happy and grateful…

In those moments of gratitude, thoughts flowed into my heart and I remembered many people. Like a prayer, I offered thanks for each person, for myself, and for that moment. I sipped the tea and “drank gratitude.” I became more thankful, more grateful, and I had another sip…and another…breathing in and out gratitude…a beautiful feeling!

My mind then turned to my work and some projects I’m creating.  I offered thanks for them and felt the energy of gratitude flow out of my heart into the environment around me and into the universe…maybe you felt it! 🙂

Seriously, the energy of your gratitude not only effects a positive change in your heart, mind, business, and life, but it effects positive changes in all things, in the world, in us all.

Green Tea from Shiling, China

Green Tea from Shiling, China

So, enjoy a cup of tea…or beverage of your choice and breath in gratitude, drink in gratitude, and breathe out gratitude…

Send your gratitude into the world…be thankful and see what happens next!

Simple, short, and sweet–gratitude tea 🙂 CHEERS!

With love and best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!


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As promised, here is your Three-Part Mantra for Gratitude Meditation

REBOOT UPDATED! (See the full original post here)

Below is a brief and powerful Three-Part Mantra for your Meditation. Here is what to do:

Breath in deeply and naturally, relax and close your eyes. Place your hand on your heart and bring yourself–YOU, to the front of your mind and say out loud the Three-Part Mantra:

I forgive you, I love you, I am grateful for you.

Feel this in your heart…breath and repeat the phrase a few times. Feel your inspiration and exhalation moving the energy of forgiveness, love, and gratitude in you, through you, and into the universe.

Now choose another person and see that person in your mind and do the same. Breath in and then say:

I forgive you, I love you, I am grateful for you.

Repeat this as many times as you feel it and feel your body, heart, and soul moving into strength, vitality, and joy.

Enjoy, Meditate, Create, and I’ll see you soon!



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