Did you water your plant with meditation this week?


Dear Friends,

Last week I said that one way to think about meditation was that it is like giving all the essential nutrients, sunlight, and water to the positive thoughts, ideas, and aspirations of your mind and heart, which are like seeds that you have planted in the soil of your consciousness.

Did you plant the seed of that which most important to create in your life now? Is it growing? Did you give it the water and sunlight of your meditation?

If you practice meditation every morning and evening as I teach in my 5 Steps Meditation System, you will develop a new mindset–a meditative mind. Through your new meditative mind and spiritual thought, a fresh reality will naturally emerge that is reflective of your new consciousness. Consider that your life at this very moment is an exact representation of your present state of consciousness, which is a function of the degree that your soul is the prime mover in your life, and which depends on the quality of the attention of your mind.

As you learn to immerse your attention in the dimension of your soul, you will gradually release all manner of limited thinking, your heart and mind will expand and be recreated, and your life will reflect and manifest all the spiritual attributes that are latent within you. Through the power of music and meditation, the fabric of your consciousness is transformed and automatically brings forth the reality that your soul inspires.

We all know that positive thinking is key, maybe you have even tried a positive thinking approach for creating a new life. Many people have tried this along with meditation, but become frustrated because they do not experience any special state of consciousness or do not see or feel tangible results immediately. So, they try another form of meditation, and then another, without success—like someone who wants to lose weight who jumps from one diet plan to another, and then another, and another, finally giving up and concluding that either they have a genetic problem and they can’t lose weight, or that they are simply meant to be overweight.

Similarly, people having difficulty with meditation might conclude that it just doesn’t work for them. If you have had this frustrating experience, it is likely that meditation was presented to you as a complicated, esoteric, or dogmatic practice that either forced a particular form onto you or privileged one person or tradition over another, creating a façade of spiritual hierarchy and dependency by telling you that you need a master or guru, further distancing you from true meditation, which is one of the most vital and natural practices in which you will ever engage.

Meditation is as natural as breathing—having both universal and very individual aspects. Once you taste the sweet and gentle power of consistent meditation, which will transform your life in myriad ways, both great and small, you will come to see that meditation is as essential to life as water, food, air, sleep, shelter, love, and light. You will long to return to your sacred space of meditation on a daily basis every morning and evening. As you develop an intimate and conscious relationship with your soul, you will soar further into the blissful heights of a spiritualized consciousness, savoring every step and every breath of life as a precious gift, extending the spiritual power of your meditative mind throughout the world, and bringing forth a fuller expression of the oneness of the spiritual-physical reality.

I have created a simple and powerful 5 Step System of Meditation that takes you step by step through a process to know what is the most important thing for you to be, have, or create  in your life right now, and then teaches you a way to meditate and take action to bring that into reality.

Now, just because the system is simple, doesn’t mean there’s no work involved–there is! The beauty is that with every step of meditation, an energy is released that brings about incredible experiences and changes!  Things happen, wonderful things–expected and unexpected!

You can see my book here!

To a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!


2 Responses to “Did you water your plant with meditation this week?

  • David, I teach quite a few different foratms that all could be broken down into 5 different categories. 1) Guided Imagery/Guided Visualization 2)Relaxing the Body 3) Vipassana 4) Song, Sound, Mantra and Chant 5) Active and Moving Meditations.1) Guided Imagery is a way to engage the mind to plant the seeds of desire.’ 2) Relaxation is a method that engages the mind to support the body to relax. A relaxed body is a healing/healthy body. 3) Vipassana is an ancient method based upon watching the breath, watching the mind. 4) Mantra is an ancient method which uses sound or song to align 5) Active and Moving meditations is a method that is often used for situations where movement can be cathartic, clearing, etc.

    • Benjamin Koen
      5 years ago

      Hi Andrei! Thanks for sharing–all great approaches that are part of the system I teach. I’ve found that when my clients or students are already familiar with a particular form of meditation, they always find great coherence within the practice I teach; and those that are just starting out find the language and clarity that I use speed them on their way. One thing I love about what you mention is that each approach can stand alone and can also work together. Where are you located? Feel free to reach me via my email here: ben@benkoen.com

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