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Hello Friends!  How was your week? Here, it’s been a beautiful week in travels between China and Thailand and each day has brought magic and miracles into my life–how about you? Did you notice the magic, the miracles, both great and small?  Did you express your gratitude for them?

For me, one of the many beautiful experiences this week was

hearing from many of you!  Thank you for sharing your hearts, experiences, thoughts, and questions.

One great idea that emerged in conversation with one of last week’s readers was to add a “Question of the Week” section to the weekly Newsletter–I love this idea!  I’ll be starting the first question in next week’s Newsletter. Until then, what are your questions?  Send me a note with your questions at ben@benkoen.com and I will (1) respond to you directly, and (2) put them in the Question of the Week box for possible inclusion in the Newsletter.  

FYI: All questions for the Question of the Week, just like any comments or stories referred to in the Newsletter remain totally anonymous. Of course, if you’d like your question to be listed with your name (with or without your email or website), that is fine too and I’m happy to oblige 🙂

Onward then!

For far too many people, there is so much confusion in life and so many questions about how to create clarity, peace, joy, health, and abundance, that when an effective method for life transformation and creating your best life is made available, they often don’t fully use it for lack of mental focus.

I am so thankful and truly humbled to say that my 5 Steps book has been life changing for everyone that has used it.

By “used it” I mean that they actually read through it with attention, and did the exercises and practices. Yet, even for people that have gone through it quickly or just picked up a couple practices or suggestions from the book, they also have benefitted.  My point here is that the book actually provides a system for creating the life you desire and will respond to the degree at which you use it. It’s kind of like a mirror, it will reflect what is given to it. When you go through the process provided in the book, what happens is beautiful, magical, and miraculous.

We usually use the words magical and miraculous to describe things that we don’t understand, and which are fully unexplainable by science.  In my 5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy You bookevery single person that has used it systematically has had deeply meaningful and lasting life improvements, changes, or transformations that they’ve called magic or miraculous.

In fact, in many of this week’s conversations, emails, and WeChat messages, the words “magic” and “miracle” came up several times. This is pretty typical actually.  When people journal or talk about their experience of meditation, magic and miracles are central.  Even for skeptics, when they stick with it long enough, they experience things that they can only call magical or miraculous because they have no logical explanation of how their particular experience happened.

One person I’ve been working with regularly, who was on the verge of depression (you might recall this from the newsletter two weeks ago), has been keeping up his meditation practice, asking me questions along the way, and sharing his experiences.  He just set off for a two-week trip and sent me this:

“It is a miracle…I can’t believe things should change easily like this. Everything is better and better. Everything is changing, my relationships with others, my sleep, my studies, my boxing, even my body and the way I look. My fear is less. Thank you so much!”

Another reader who started my 5 Step meditation system last year and has kept up her meditation practice ever since just told me yesterday:

“I still do my meditation everyday and its a magical experience. It has changed my life. After I meditate there is always something unexpected that happens, which has never happened before. Sometimes a feeling, or experience, or something new comes into my life.

For her, the experience of journaling in relation to her meditation as the 5 Steps book suggests has been key.  With the journal, she can easily go back and see things–magical moments that she might not have noted as important at first.  Then of course there are those incredible experiences that stand out and are easy to see and remember…but also paying attention to the small miracles and remembering them is empowering, affirming, and can keep you on course.

Until next week…

With love and best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!


5 Steps System of Meditation for Happiness, Healthy, and Wealth!

Natural Healing: seven simple ways to self-healing. 



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