Be the Duck! Cognitive Link to Higher Consciousness!


Hello Everyone!! This week, a young friend told me that a cool little technique I shared with her about four years ago has helped her to overcome many difficult situations over the years.

Its a tool I often share with people who are making progress in their meditation practice, but who also need a little something extra that they can mentally grab onto during the day when they face a conflict or are verbally attacked.  Grabbing onto something with your mind when you need it, in the moment, is a “Cognitive Link to Higher Consciousness”–a way to link your mind 

to something that will enable you to achieve exactly what you need in that particular moment–a way to decide exactly how you choose to ACT instead of re-act to a situation.

In my meditation work, one of the processes I take people through is developing a highly personal and powerful cognitive link that will connect them (mind-body-heart-soul) back to the experience of meditation with which they started their day.

If you want to go through the process yourself, in-depth and in a way that promises to bring about transformation and achievement of your personal goals, then I invite you to get my book here and go through the Steps.

Cognitive Links can be anything that personally works for you to connect your THOUGHT to the empowered state of meditation. The LINK functions to bring your Meditative Mind to the forefront of your experience in the NOW.

Going through the systematic process in my book usually reveals words, phrases, affirmations, prayers, or mantras that individuals create or adopt, and which empower them to make a quick mindshift from one state to another in the blink of an eye!

These LINKS keep you connected to your most important goal–the state of being or the life you have decided upon and chosen as the one you will create.

Now, usually these cognitive links don’t make you laugh out loud–but sometimes they do, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need!

So, let’s connect this to our…

Question of the Week

What can I do during the day to keep my meditative energy going when I’m stuck. For example, my cognitive link that I decided on deals with health and healing and its working great! But what do I do when I’m faced with a personal conflict or verbally attacked at work or at home?

Answer: There are many tips and tricks to create a quick mindshift so that you can own your response—so that you can consciously decide how you will ACT in that moment instead of Re-Act to the conflict or attack. Here is one trick that works magic: Sometimes you just have to Be The Duck and say “Quack Quack!” to yourself, silently in your mind, or sometimes out loud!  Is this silly? Yes!  Is it effective? Yes! Why, what does it do?

Here’s the thing…it reminds you to be like a duck in the rain! Picture for a moment, a duck in a pond of water and its raining outside. Now let’s make a metaphor here and consider the rain to be tests and assaults on the duck. As the rain falls, we see that the duck never takes the rain (tests and difficulties) into its heart. The rain just rolls of its back! The duck’s beautiful feathers, which are perfectly placed and wrapped around it, also have a little oil on them so that when the rain hits, it automatically rolls off and the duck is totally unaffected by the problem!

If we carry the metaphor further, we see that as the rain rolls off the duck and into the pond, the water level slowly rises and the duck moves to a higher level—a higher level of consciousness if you will! So the tests and problems actually become stepping stones to higher levels of consciousness, a higher state of living!

Saying “Quack quack!” to yourself—probably silently is best in most cases 🙂 immediately brings the duck to mind and reminds you that this test in the moment will lead you to a higher level of consciousness if you, like the duck, let it roll off your back and not get under your skin or enter your beautiful heart.

When I’m calm and thoughtful about any situation, I can always find an answer by looking into the world of nature—and this time, it’s the duck that helps us out!

Happy duck

One of my students took this so seriously that he spent a week “quacking” to himself throughout the day—and sometimes even out loud! This launched his meditation into a whole new level and he felt a profound sense of control over his feelings, thoughts, and actions. In the following week, he stopped “quacking” out loud, but still kept the spirit of the duck alive in his mind and called on it whenever he needed it!

Will you try it? “Quack Quack!”—let me know if the duck helps you out, or if you have another cool tip or trick to keep your meditative mind going throughout the precious moments of your day.

Until next week!

Sending you love and energy for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU!


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3 Responses to “Be the Duck! Cognitive Link to Higher Consciousness!

  • i love this blog. one of my faves! i remember our nice convo with our friends, where you mentioned to BE THE DUCK! i think this blog will help many people, including me!:) nice!

    • So glad to hear this! Yes, this one always makes me smile and helps me too! I also remember other animals and aspects of nature that can help us throughout the day–do you have any other favorites?

  • No wonder it smeeed familiar. I have Tharp’s book, and agree that it’s great. (Which reminds me: I need to take a look at her new book, The Collaborative Habit. )

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