A Poem for your Soul Song Reflection

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Come with me

beloved friend

To the source of your Soul

beyond the journey’s end


Neither death, dying,

sadness, nor fear,

But the joyful Song of your Soul

only you can hear


Be light and grateful,

take a moment in time

To hear the Song of your Soul

without reason or rhyme


Hear your truth, bliss,

knowing and joy

The answer you know

you must employ


Your Soul Song is

just beneath the thoughts of your day

Laying out so clearly

your life-path way


Hear its loving guidance

in a whisper, or a wail

You know this truth

will finally prevail


Take one breath,

enter your Soul space

Then step and walk the path

only yours to face


Now is the time

to reflect and to hear

Without doubt, hesitation,

guilt or fear


Hear your Soul Song

singing all you need

Guiding you every morn,

noon and eve


It wants your trust,

to be one with your mind

To show you the treasure

only you can find


The Song of your Soul

from your earliest day

Will  guide you forever

every step of your way


Now know every time

you listen and heed

The Song of your Soul

you will always succeed!


Dear Friend,

You have so many beautiful and valuable talents, gifts, and aspirations inside yourself.

And so many wonderful things to do and share in this life and in 2016!

My goal in 2016 is to help you hear your Soul Song, create a plan that is customized to your life goals and dreams, and empower you to follow that path to your ultimate success!

I’m sharing with you this poem that came to me this morning, that it might inspire you to take a moment or two, or three 🙂 …to find a quiet space to hear your Soul Song as 2016 approaches!

Close your eyes, breath deeply, and listen to the beautiful Song of your Soul—this is the first step!

With much love and best wishes to you for 2016!



Sound Health International Author of:

5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU! through music, the mind, and meditation.

Natural Healing: seven simple ways to self-healing.


Oxford University Press Author of: 

The Oxford Handbook of Medical Ethnomusicology.

Beyond The Roof of the World: Music, Prayer, and Healing in the Pamir Mountains.


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  • I have been experiencing periods of extreme bliss while meditating with music tracks on YouTube for the past 6 months or so. Looking for ways to expand this experience, I happened upon you book with my Kindle. I have downloaded your book, signed up for your newsletter and am beginning the process by answering the quiz in this websight. I will read chapters 1-8 soon.


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