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Your Internal Super Powers

The most common way people give up their power

is by thinking they don’t have any.

Alice Walker


Wake up, seize the day, live now to the fullest;

there is nothing else, and this is bliss.


Dear Friends,

Today’s Question of the Week relates to how you succeed at everything, even the things you don’t want.

Question of the Week:  

Why do I keep getting the results I don’t want?

I’d like to answer this question by giving you a framework that is detailed in my 5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU! system.  First, to keep it simple, let’s say that your mind has two levels, the conscious and the sub-conscious.  Usually you think that your conscious awareness is driving your life–you have things to go, lists, perhaps even detailed plans, strategies, etc. etc. but the results don’t come–the goal or life you desire isn’t manifesting–Why?  There are two possible reasons: 1) you have limiting thoughts or beliefs in your conscious awareness; and/or 2) you have limiting thoughts or beliefs in your subconsciousness.

From this vantage point, you are actually successful at manifesting the limiting thoughts and beliefs. The problem is that you are manifesting the wrong thing.  You might say that “No, I don’t want that, how could I possibly be creating it?”  Well, by giving it your energy or attention (either at the conscious or subconscious level).  The key is to become aware of this and then only give your attention and energy to that which you truly desire and want to create.

This is pretty easy at the conscious awareness level, but the subconscious level can be a bit tricky–here is where meditation comes in.

This is great news! You can learn how to manifest what you truly want by cleaning out your subconsciousness and exponentially increasing the power of your mind in your life.

Manifesting Your True Life

Within you there exist very real super powers that comprise a dynamic and one hundred percent effective system that always succeeds at achieving its goals. I call this your:

Internal Super Power Success System

(or SUPER POWER SYSTEM for short).

Although you have had this fail-proof system your entire life, and although it functions flawlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you are likely not fully aware of it. When you understand what these powers are and how they work, they will enable you to move from being a passive observer sitting in the passenger seat of life to sitting in the driver’s seat of the life that only you can imagine, that you deeply desire and decide to manifest.

Your Super Power System naturally follows, supports, and even rallies around the focus of your attention, taking you closer to realizing that which occupies your thoughts. With every synapse that fires within the neural networks of your brain, a link is made in a chain of events that takes you step by step toward manifesting your thoughts into reality, thereby creating success.

The only catch is that this system will naturally move toward succeeding at any goal, even one that is not good for you.

This system is like the engine of a car—once it is turned on, it will go wherever the driver focuses her or his attention and decides to go. For example, if you drive your car the wrong way down a one-way street, the engine will not intervene and say, “Excuse me, but you have decided to go the wrong way. But don’t worry—I will correct your mistake. Go this way.”

Even if you have a talking GPS mapping system in your car that verbally tells you, “You’re going the wrong way—turn around,” it cannot turn the engine off; neither can it change your course. On the contrary, the engine will continue to take you forward until you change your mind and act or until you crash. In this way, the engine is totally disengaged from what is right or wrong, or what is best for you—it simply provides the energy for motion. Your Internal Super Power Success System works the same way.

Whatever you turn your attention to, your Super Power System will immediately respond, and begin to carry you toward that goal, just like the engine. So, if you decide to focus your attention on service to others, adding value to people’s lives, love, happiness, wealth, strength, or compassion, your Super Power System will respond just as it would were you to focus your attention on obstacles, problems, why things don’t work, anger, frustration, or stress.

Fortunately, if you learn to meditate and link into your soul, creating an unbreakable bond with your spiritual reality, your Super Power System will naturally and immediately be oriented toward that which is good, beautiful, and creates prosperity, happiness, and wellness. In brief, through meditation, you can have a super-powered system to achieve anything you set your meditative mind to. Let’s explore the first component of this system in more detail.

Components and Functions of Your

Internal Super Power Success System

The Power of Neuroplasticity

You are probably wondering: So how does it work? What is this Super Power System that is inherent in me, that is custom-made to help me attain my deepest goals? First, I should say that this system is composed of what can be considered capacities, principles, and processes that propel us toward that which we focus our minds on. By learning a bit about these components, you will better understand the process of transformation and the power of your thought in the process.

The first component or power of your Super Power System is neuroplasticity, the brain’s natural capacity to transform itself through experience and interaction in the world, including all manner of action, thought, attention, and meditation. The discovery of neuroplasticity is revolutionizing the way we understand the power of the human brain and the world that we create from our minds.

The long-standing notion of the brain being a fixed, hardwired organ that is inflexible is slowly melting away. One of the most interesting things that we are learning in the cognitive and neurosciences is that much of our understanding about the power of the brain is directly related to our beliefs about the brain’s capacity, as well as the degree to which we practice that which we want to create. A key aspect of creating a new mind and life is the capacity of cognitive flexibility—a kind of openness and flexibility of mind (discussed in an forthcoming newsletter), which nurtures neuroplasticity.

Briefly put, neuroplasticity is the brain’s way of solving any functional problem it confronts. For example, if the neural pathways for moving the index finger of the right hand are damaged or destroyed, the brain can solve this problem by generating other neural pathways to perform the same function, or by allowing existing pathways to take over the task. In addition, neuroplasticity is simply a general operating principle of a healthy brain, actively building new neural pathways wherever they are needed.

A key point here is that you have neural patterns in your brain right now that are, in part, directing the course of your life, and underlying all the emotions and experiences that you are presently having. What the dynamic of neuroplasticity tells us is that, no matter how deeply embedded and hardwired those neural pathways seem to be, no matter how rigid and unchangeable you might think they are, they are not—they can and do change according to what you think and do, and YOU have the power to decide exactly what to think and do.

For example, in biological research, scientist Anna Gilsen was able to teach Swedish children a skill that was previously thought to be possessed only by children of the Moken sea nomads, who live in the area of the Indian Ocean that was tragically hit by the tsunami of December 26, 2004. The Moken children are famous for being excellent deep-sea divers. Underwater, one’s vision becomes blurry since light is refracted through the water and cannot interact with the retina in the same way as when one is above the water. Over time, the Moken children have developed a specialized ability to constrict their pupils some twenty-two percent by changing the shape of the lenses in their eyes. As young children, they did not try to change the shape of their lenses; this just naturally developed as a capacity from doing or practicing the right thing—in their case, deep-sea diving over and over again.

Controlling the lens and size of the pupil was previously thought to be a natural reflex that was hardwired in the brain and nervous system and could not be changed. So, when Gilsen taught Swedish children to do the same thing as the Moken, the only response had to be for researchers to expand their minds with respect to human potential—specifically that the flexibility, neuroplasticity, or changeability of the brain is possible. Your thought patterns and their underlying neural architecture are malleable and can be totally transformed.

What is even more wonderful than this discovery is how the capacity for change is not limited to the biological or the physical parts of life, but also relates to your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Now, you might not be interested in deep-sea diving, but you will be interested in diving into the sea of your consciousness and the ocean of your soul, where the pearls you find are priceless and not of this world. The way to plunge into this limitless sea of possibility is through the practice of meditation, which can totally transform you.

Simple and profound, meditation works in multiple dynamic ways, with feedback loops between all parts of the Five Factors of your being (body-mind-spirit-emotions-relationships). In part, through neuroplasticity, meditation creates new patterns of neural activity that bring forth the emotions and experiences that you want to have and the life you want to manifest. However, the central way that meditation can bring about transformations is through the dynamics of experiencing your higher consciousness and soul during the high point of your meditative practice. A key connection to extending the power of meditation into your daily life is in the next component of your Super Power System, Cognitive Flexibility.  You can follow up here in my book to get all the components of the system and put it into practice for your life now.

With love to all,


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