Green Juice, Gratitude, and Meditative Action

Dear Friends,

I’m working on a program that I’m incredibly excited about sharing with you soon! Its a system that gives you the tools and directions on how to achieve success and keep it flowing in your Business and Life. More on that in due course!

green-smoothie-681145_1920Today I want to share with you a tip that I use to recharge my body, shift my mindset, and create a generative energy to execute my plans or brainstorm and heartstorm new ideas.

I first put this tip together in response to a question from a student in my Course on Exercise, Nutrition, and the Mind-Body Connection in Transformation. She asked:

Is there something I can do nutritionally to achieve better focus without using herbs, drugs, or caffeine?

Answer: The tip has three parts. I’m sure that most of you are familiar with them separately already, but I’m guessing most of you probably don’t use them in the way I’ll share here.  The twist is about how to combine these three parts into a focus for your goal achievement: 

  1. Green Juice!
  2. Gratitude 🙂
  3. Meditative Action!

So, whatever you want to focus on, using these three things together will bring incredible results–the only thing that you need is a block of time, which you should allocate for your action.

Using these three steps will give you incredible focus and energy–you just need a block of time to do it.  So, here is what you can do:

Step 1: Beautiful & Empowering Green Juice

Here is one of my favorite recipes–Try it out and adjust it as you like!

  1. One bunch of spinach (about .25 kg or 1/2 pound).
  2. 2 carrots
  3. 1 lime or lemon (or 2-3 Persian mini-limes)
  4. 1 beetroot


This is the SIMPLE version 🙂    That’s it, that’s all you need as a basis. Then you can modify as you like.  For example, you can substitute other greens for the spinach. Kale is excellent, as are other dark green leafy veggies. I’d say use spinach and kale as a staple (spinach is sweeter and kale more spicy). If you’ve never juiced before, start with spinach.

If you need a little more sweetness, add one green (or red) apple, but the carrot is probably enough.

You can also add a small cucumber and a tomato if you like.

Another great one is: Spinach-Carrot-Apple-Beet-Lemon-Ginger.

OK, that’s Step 1: Make your Beautiful and Energizing Green Juice 🙂

Step 2: Gratitude!

Look at this wonderful juice in your glass and smile, be happy, and thankful that you are about to drink a supercharged energy drink full of nutrients and antioxidants that provide aid in healing, are protective to your health, boost your brain function, and give you energy and focus!

Think only this, I am thankful, I am grateful…And feel that you are thankfulness, you are gratefulness…

Be Thankfulness—Be Gratefulness

Then…Breathe in and out a few times and let your mind focus on your intended goal–that which you have allocated time for after your green juice.  As you focus on your goal (whatever it is–whether you know exactly what you need to do or whether you need to create a new idea…whether it’s working on your book, taking action on the next step in your business, preparing for a meeting, making marketing phone calls, brainstorming / heartstorming innovative ways to serve your community, or spending face-to-face real time with another person), begin drinking your juice…breath in and out and feel the energy entering your body and your mind.  Let your thoughts be totally unbound, outside the box, open and free…continue in this way and let your thoughts find the next step, the way forward, the specific action or approach, the way you envision your next action to be, or your ideal outcome.  


3. Meditative Action

After your last beautiful drop of juice–let your focus continue directly into your next action, your work, your play, your meeting…whatever you have allocated your time for.  Let nothing censor you….let your thoughts flow freely into your action with the meditative energy of gratitude and zest that you began with your green juice.

That’s it! This is a successful action…a progressive flow of energy into the future you are creating!

OK, so one green drink can give you a new experience of success flowing with a renewed sense of energy and focus.  But how about having one or two green juices a day?  Or even better, one green juice and one green smoothie (Smoothies of course give you all the fiber).

Spinach-banana with a bit of ice is a great smoothie.

Or you can make the above recipe of juice, but instead of juicing the spinach, put the whole spinach in a blender and add the rest of the juice and a bit of ice if you like and there you go!

Twice a day Green Juice/Smoothie is an incredible game changer to your body, your business, and your life!

Any doubts? Try it for 10 days and see how it goes. It has been a powerful and effective addition to my success planing and action, and I’m sure it can be for you too.

Much love to all!


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