10 Ways You Meditate Without Knowing It!

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Yes, you meditate! Though you might not be calling it meditation yet, after reading this week’s newsletter, I’m sure you will! Actually, as you shift your thinking about meditation, you will realize that you’ve meditated in one way or another all of your life!

One way to think about meditation is as a spectrum of states of consciousness, states of mind, body, and soul. Meditation is not singular and uniform, but rather highly diverse and flexible. It’s a natural part of being human. So it follows that we will naturally and intuitively meditate (even if we haven’t yet called that particular action “meditation”).

Meditation is an essential human need, like food, water, shelter, and love.

Meditation is food for the soul, mind, and body. 

Meditation is a way of unity, a process of unifying yourself–body, mind, and soul, and a way to integrate your different levels of consciousness.

Meditation is a way of knowing your true self, your inner being, your soul, YOU!

In addition, there are many different kinds of meditation and ways to meditate; and each kind of meditation can have a particular purpose or goal.

I have practiced meditation all my life and taught meditation for a number of years to an incredibly broad range of people from diverse backgrounds, professions, and cultures, including moms and dads, physicians, scientists, musicians, artists, writers, dancers, athletes, university students, nurses, caregivers, healthcare professionals, teachers, administrators, children, youth, and many more.

For all the people I’ve taught, one thing holds true: Everyone already meditates in some way or another! This of course depends on how you define meditation. My point here is to show ways that we all naturally enter special states of consciousness that we can call meditation.

From this vantage point, its much easier to build into more formalized ways of meditation, even systematic and goal directed ways of meditating like my 5-Steps approach that uses music and meditation to achieve optimal states of being in your Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions, and Relationships.

So, how are you already meditating, but might not realize it?  Here is my Top 10 List:

1.  Music, wonderful music: Think about it–listening to or making music can take you into a totally different world of consciousness that feeds your soul, heart, mind, and body. The altered state of mind often experienced in music is a kind of meditation.

2.  Falling asleep, aah: Consider those moments between wakefulness and sleep. As you pass from the waking state to the sleep state, that in between state is a meditative state of being you can experience every day.

3.  Waking up, aah: After a night’s sleep or afternoon siesta, those moments in between sleep and complete wakefulness are dynamic meditative moments. Like number two, these in between spaces of consciousness are full of potential and qualify as meditation.

4. Daydreaming: Whether it happens intentionally or unintentionally, daydreaming is a perfect example of a special kind of meditative state.

5. Night Dreaming: Dreams at night can also be special meditative states, especially when you are aware that you are dreaming. Even if you don’t have lucid dreams, often the moment you enter the dream state is one where you are still consciously aware that you are in a transitional state of mind. This is akin to meditation and a state you can consciously tap into.

6. Gazing off into the distance: This is a kind of open-eyed meditation that naturally occurs when your visual focus is fixed on a certain point–it could be off in the distance or close at hand, on a specific object, or nothing in particular. As your eyes gaze, your mind is actually elsewhere, concerned with other things, in a state of connection with your soul.

7.  Reading and re-reading the same paragraph: Have you ever read a paragraph of an article and then realized that your eyes were scanning the words but you didn’t understand anything because your mind was in another place altogether? So, you go back and re-read it. Maybe you read further down the page and then you suddenly realize that the same thing happened again! This can happen many times. This is your soul directing your mind into a meditative state. A state that is needed to nourish your being.

8.  Hearing but not listening: Have you ever been in a discussion with a friend, and even though you are looking right at her while she is talking to you, she can tell that your mind has drifted off into another realm? You’re not really there, not really listening. So she says “Hey, wake up!” And you snap back to reality. Where was your mind in those moments? Again, this is a typical experience of a natural tendency to enter a state of meditation that is one of our basic human needs.

9. During and after physical exertion: This could be an energetic game of soccer with your kids, just playing together, a run on the beach, or any sport or exercise where your body gets into “state”–a shift from a normal state to an endorphin-rich body state. This is similar to the meditative mind state where you experience a special awareness of your body and environment, a simultaneous flow of energy and stillness, power and calm.

10. Nature: Experiences in nature are another universal where we can naturally shift from a regular state of consciousness into a meditative mind state. There is a power in nature that reflects our core being and imbues us with peace and certitude when we truly connect with nature.

woman-481902_1280These can get you started on understanding our human need to meditate or make a shift in our consciousness. From here, meditation doesn’t feel like a far off or esoteric idea. From here, you can feel more confident because you already have meditative experiences to build upon. Think about it…what are the top 3-5 ways you meditate without knowing it?

To learn a simple and practical, yet extremely powerful way to meditate, check out 5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy YOU! through music, the mind, and meditation.

Love the journey!


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